COVID-19 update - online sales and delivery operating as normal. Woolacombe store closed until further notice.
COVID-19 update - online sales and delivery operating as normal. Woolacombe store is also now re-opened

Here in Shore2Surf Woolacombe we stock, demo and sell some of the best and most exciting surfboards in the industry today. Scroll down for a taste of which shapes and designs we currently stock.

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The NEW Sweet Potato is the refined swallowtail version of the original Sweet Potato - the board that transformed what surfing is to me (and I hope many others).

The Sweet Potato converts waves that would normally require a longboard (or even just be a non surf day) into loads and loads of fun because of the insane amount of volume packed into a very short board that is loose and packs tons of drive.

The trademark deep double barrel concave essentially splits the board in half when tipped over and driving through turns, making the board feel way more narrow than it actually is. The new tail outline, combined with some tweaks on the bottom contours through the fins, has increased the maneuverability for tighter pocket turns without taking away the projection and grovel speed in gutless surf

Sweet Potato Dimensions.jpg
Now in Stock 5'6 - 6'4

Under 40 litres = £725
Over 40 litres = £739

Includes Free Leash

The update to one of the most popular designs in surfing has arrived. 

The Sci-Fi 2.0 features a wide point forward of centre, which allows the design to be ridden 1 inch shorter than it's predecessor with more volume packed into shorter length. It also has a more pulled-in tail and rocker (similar to the Cymatic) giving the design greater range than the original, while still maintaining good small wave prowess.

Sci Fi Dimensions.jpg


Just evolving from the Go Fish to something new, really. The Go Fish goes fast and feels skatey and loose and I love it, and riding it for a couple of years made me want to feel more high performance - more carves, tighter turns. So the Seaside is about refining...less area in the tail, narrowing the nose, all elements for ripping while the Go Fish stays cruisey and fun


I decided that if I was going to make a quad I would make a quad that's strictly a the concaves and bottom contours around that. I actually redesigned my entire concave set up that I've been using on the Moonbeam and Go Fish, and did it with the quad setup in mind so that it all works together.


The first one I made for Tahiti was LFT and I was riding it in 6 foot tubes. But almost everyone surfs a shape like the seaside at beach breaks and little point breaks, so we made it Helium because it's really light, very responsive, really flexy with a softer feel and very durable. Its the best option for a shape like the Seaside in smaller, weaker waves, I think.

Seaside Dimensions.jpg
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