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Slide Surf Skate - Quad Auka 30"


The best selling Quad is inspired by the shape of a 4 (quad) fin summer surfboard – built for fun.

This board means carving control and intense, long rides. It is also great for the smallest of the family, as it is the most maneuverable board in our collection.

We collaborated with Janire Gonzalez-Etxabarri, WSL European Junior surf champion, to create this fresh design. Janire chose the seaweed print as a tribute to her local beach, Itzurun. Auka means ‘seaweed’ in the Basque language, where Janire grew up and surfs.


Cutback lover, this is your skateboard


30″x 10.25″x 15.5″ WB- 7 PLY MAPLE DECK

Slide Surf Skate - Quad Auka 30"

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