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Slide Surf Skate - Evo-lution Bandana


The Bowl is waiting for you!


34″x 10.25″x 19″ WB- 7 PLY MAPLE DECK
70mm, 78A WHEELS


The new Evo-lution 34” model has evolved from the best-selling shape, the
Gussie 31”. The expanded Gussie adds dimension and extra stability. The large wheelbase, wider nose and 70mm wheels make ‘Evo-lution’ perfect for every and any body beginning their surf skate adventure. Just like Surfing’s Funboards: Evo-lution has been created for skating fun. The graphics of this model come from the Paisley print. This classical pattern has travelled from East to West, and it is a symbol of freedom and creativity.


Surf skateboards have swivelling front trucks, allowing you to pivot and make sharper faster turns. The skater can also generate speed by pumping the board from side to side instead of pushing like a traditional skateboard, allowing them to replicate the key moves of surfing but on land.


Slide Surf Skate - Evo-Lution Bandana 34"

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