Dakine Men's Mission Zip Free 4/3mm Mid Season Wetsuit


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The Mission wetsuits by Dakine are the definition of balanced design. Without compromise, the series delivers in terms of comfort, stretch / flex and thermal properties. The Mission suits are extremely well made in terms of materials and craftmanship and offer a superior level of durability. Like the premium Cyclone series suits, the Mission models use high-end features like the "DK_Hexo_Therm" lining and taped inner seams. By utilizing a completely new suit pattern, the Apex fit, a perfect fit without sacrificing mobility and range of motion is guaranteed. The stress point free design additionally ensures a highly durable end product.

When it comes to materials, there are no shortcuts either. "DK_Prene_S" neoprene with superior stretch and thermal properties, in combination with the "DK_Hexo_Therm" lining and double glued panels, which are sewn with the proven 3D stitch process and also taped in the critical areas are just the beginning. The Mission also provides you with the option to choose between the traditional Chest Zip or the new innovative Zip-less design. The anti-fray cuffs in compression cut design provide tightness and comfort on arms and legs and make the suit a true jack of all trades.

In 4 / 3mm, the Mission is perfect for water temperatures of 13-17 ° C. For sessions in spring / autumn or rapidsurfing in summer this wetsuit is the perfect choice.



The next logical step after the introduction of Chest Zips to the wetsuit industry, can only be a zipper free design. The Cyclone series by Dakine offers the best system out there. Benefit from even more freedom of movement during your sessions. No more jamming zippers, just the best fit and comfort.

For the best seal, the Cyclone series is equipped with an extremely comfortable yet tight "smoothe seal" at the neck. The material around the neck features a special coating and is particularly smooth. On arms and legs, the compression cuffs, with the anti-flush and anti-fray finishes, ensure perfect tightness.
series models use double glued seams to minimize water penetration and reduce weight. These are additionally sealed with a special silicone, and taped inside the suit.

Double threads and blind stitched panels provide maximum stability and absolute tightness. The 5mm wetsuits even use triple-thread seams.

In areas that are usually exposed to higher stress, abrasion-resistant panels ensure that your wetsuit stays in good shape for a long time by preventing wear and material fatigue.


80% Neoprene, 15% Nylon, 5% Polyester

Dakine Mission Zip Free 4/3 (CALL TO PREORDER)