Customer Board Reviews

Rich on the UniBrow


"The Unibrow has been my go to board in 3-6ft surf for two years now. I ride it 3 inches shorter than my performance shortboard, but both boards are similar in volume, recently I have found it increasingly more difficult to go past my Unibrow. Having 5 fin slots is invaluable, I ride it as a twin or with a knubster in 2ft waves, a thruster in 3-6ft and as a quad in 6ft plus for more hold and drive.  The board paddles amazingly (even with winter kit) the outline curve is perfect, added width helps in the flat sections and it allows you to ride it shorter, its a snappy board in those punchy 2ft days.  The curves deliver really smooth drive through bottom turns, the deep double concave gives you so much tail lift making it really loose and the natural speed is far more than I had in my regular shortboard.  I work in the store and have been lucky that Firewire have let me try loads of their shapes, this one I could not give back." 

































Unibrow 5'10 - Archie Willis, local lifeguard


"I took out a 5'10'' unibrow demo board on a big day at Woolacombe. It has loads of volume thus making it a good paddler, easy to get out and catch waves on. Although there was perhaps too much volume through the back for my liking it would make for a perfect down size coming off a larger board rather than jumping straight on a performance tooth pick. The extra volume through the back makes for more round, smooth turns. With the variety of fin set ups, short length and lots of volume means it suits loads of different conditions (which sums up uk surfing in a nutshell), and will even handle conditions to push your limits!"



Baked Potato - Lee


"What can I say, I love it! I have surfed it twice so far, Thursday 2ft weak cleanish Saunton and yesterday funky windy 3ft Croyde. Whats impressive is its ability to transition from rail to rail. It's so fat and floaty but once you're up on it it responds like a shortboard and of course it carries all its speed on flat sections. I think we're going to have a lot of fun. I would recommend it to anyone. It feels like it would probably handle itself in bigger surf as well. It's a clever little thing. Well done Dan Mann!!!"


Baked Potato - Darren


" 5'7" Firewire Baked Potato, timbertek

Do you love a board that...


      1) Can surf ankle snappers to head high waves?
        2) That accelerates like a rocket?
        3) Catches small weak waves like a long board but fits in your pocket?
        4) That puts the biggest smile on your face every time you tuck it under your arm?


...then you need a Baked Potato. This was always going to be my groveller board but since I've had it I've surfed it more than my regular board. Why? Because, let's be honest, English waves can be fickle, weak, small and lack power. This board loves all of these conditions but should you get in wrong and turn up with your Baked Potato when it's head high and perfect you'll still have the most fun.

It's beautifully quirky looking, incredibly versatile, catches a ton of waves and turns on a dime.

Give the shore2surf team a call you won't regret it."



Sweet Potato - George


"Every one should have a go on one of these, especially if you surf in south west England! I surfed a 36L 5'6" (my normal shortboard is 26L) and was blown away by the speed and maneouverability of it. Because of it's flat rocker and high volume, it will paddle into anything, and you start selecting waves like you're on a longboard. What's clever is underneath; its exagerated double concave with a pronounced spine helps shoot you through the water as well as tipping the board onto one set of fins and rail. It subsequently feels like you're turning a board half as wide. Having a quad set up gives you heaps of drive, but because the fins are pushed right out to the rail, it will pivot on a dime. Perfect groveller for English waves."



5'6 Nano Demo Board - Ben Morrison


Took this demo board out in pretty smallish waves and it flew! Didn't struggle for speed down the line at any point. Surfed it as a thruster and was pretty loose and fun. Recon in bigger waves with bigger fins this board would be sick. Super wide tail makes fast and slidy though turns. Board paddles real nicely and catches waves no problem. Will go well in all conditions get out there!